Dorsa Group Co.

 – Dorsa Tejarat Trading and Engineering Co. :

 Export of Bitumen, doing all business matters, getting clearance of Bitumen from all customs in Iran. The fastest and the most powerful exporter group of bitumen of Naft Jey Isfahan Co. and Iran Pasargad Co. in order to sell and export to all parts of the world, providing bitumen analysis on different grades, totally familiar with the rules of exporting different kinds of bitumen, selling export bitumen based on export licence from Naft Jey Isfahan Co. adn Iran Pasargad Co. , selling all various kinds of domestic bitumen comply with the stock prices of Iran.

 – Dorsa Bitumen Sepahan Factory of containers of oil refinery products:

Construction of containers of different types of bitumen and oil refinery products, with the most advanced technology and keeping the maximum standard without any change in quality in the grade of the bitumen, (observing the temperature and standard terms without using fire-eater and also without heating the bitumen directly, without producing coke, non oxide, not burnt bitumen and so there won’t be any barrel and container production line with the ability of producing 700 Tons molten bitumen and different type of oil products in a day.

 – Dorsa Tarabar Asia International transportation Companay:

In 1995 a group was established with the purpose of international transportation,goods transit, import, and export which could fix its position and place in the field of transportation and commerce from the earliest by advanced management and accurate planning. This group is equipped whit 200 trucks, 50 car carriers and 200 tankers for carrying bitumen and 4 other materials. Dorsa group has a long term experience in transportation to the Asian, European, African countries as well inner transportation in Iran. This company is also proud of having 200 furnace trucks (for carrying molten bitumen).