bitumeniran drums

The drums used for packaging are manufactured in Isfahan and these steel drums are all in conformity to ASTM standards. Bitumen is packed in corrugated cold rolled steel drums.

Steel Drums are the best packing method for bitumen.

  specification of drums is:

Material: New Cold Rolled Steel
Height (mm) 980
Diameter (mm) 500
Body Thickness (mm) 0.6
Top/Base Thickness (mm) 0.6
Net Weight (kg) +/-3 182
Gross Weight (kg) +/-3 192
Empty Drum Weight (kg) +/-1 9.5
Color Black



Loading in 20ft Container – With Pallet
Number of Drums 80
Net Weight of Bitumen ≈ 14.40 MT
Loading in 20ft Container – Without Pallet
Number of Drums 110
Net Weight of Bitumen  ≈ 19.80 MT
              All The Drums Used For Packing Will Be Sufficiently Strong For Bitumen Transportation.